The 12 Notes of Christmas

Travel the world in 25 minutes with The 12 Notes of Christmas! Join number friends on their quest to celebrate Shakespeare’s 400th anniversary in this delightful mashup of Twelfth Night and The Twelve Nights of Christmas.

After meeting Shakespeare on Christmas Day to find out about his 400th anniversary, the numbers plan a celebration together. Over the next 12 days they travel the world gathering numerically linked instruments and exploring cultures. Finally, celebrate together by serenading Shakespeare on Jan 6 (Twelfth Night) in the Globe Theater with a performance of The Twelve Days of Christmas.

Each instrument in the ultimate holiday band has a numeric link (i.e. Day 1 is the didgeridoo in Australia and Day 5 is Temple Blocks from Asia that come in sets of 5). Besides music, discover holiday celebrations and food from around the world in each connected scene. A map of the world tracks the numbers’ progress around the globe and each scene open and closes with a curtain, reminding all of Shakespeare as a master playwright.


Sample Scene: Christmas Day

Exploration Questions

General Questions

December 25: Introduction

December 26: Day 1

December 27: Day 2

December 28: Day 3

December 29: Day 4

December 30: Day 5

December 31: Day 6

January 1: Day 7

January 2: Day 8

January 3: Day 9

January 4: Day 10

January 5: Day 11

January 6: Day 12, Scene 1

January 6: Day 12, Scene 2