“Hello Numbers” free app available


It’s here! It’s free! Our “Hello Numbers” app launched!

We are proud to launch our first-ever educational app: Hello Numbers is now available in the iTunes, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble app stores for tablets. This early learning app introduces children to number knowledge in an exciting and novel way. The playful features enchant them into an imaginative romp, teaching that numbers are delightful, friendly characters relevant to the real world. They come away from this richly layered app recognizing numbers as their friends. Read More…

Numbers Lady to promote STEM in Barbados and Dominica by invitation of the US Department of State


Dr. Rebecca Klemm, also known as The Numbers Lady, has been invited by the US Department of State to lead programs in Dominica and Barbados June 1 to 8, 2014. The focus is on teaching principles of math and science through sports.  By learning about the timing of a sprinter’s run, inflation of soccer balls, holding the bat, speed of a tennis ball, etc., teachers and coaches will learn how to create lessons for their students that use the scientific method to explore the math that underlies everything we do, even sports.  Over the course of the week she will lead workshops, lectures and public events for a variety of audiences, including students, parents, teachers, and coaches. Read More…

Hello Numbers Discovery Pack

$62 entire pack, or purchase components separately


HELLO NUMBERS DISCOVERY PACK is a portable multimedia learning product. The tactile manipulative plush numbers become Friends you can count on®. Each plush number includes magnets on both sides of its “head,” allowing the creation of multiple-digit numbers. Embroidered dots on the back link the number shape to its quantity. Read More…

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