Learn With Urns!

Grecian Urn

A beautiful artifact, this Grecian urn.

Around the amphora the patterns turn,

Made for a funeral, the art is so fine,

It showcases beautiful Grecian design.

With shapes of triangles, squares and rhombi,

Ancestor’s ashes don’t become zombies.

Archaeologists worked hard to recreate

This puzzling urn—it’s once again great.

Although the long-buried urn is quite old,

Diggers found all pieces –its artwork still bold.

The classic style is still made today,

As well as modern vessels made of clay.

Dr. Rebecca Klemm Just Returned From Speaking at ISTE 2017

ISTE 2017 Poster SessionDr. Klemm, PhD, was invited to return to ISTE this year and to host a poster session exploring the idea of “Building NumberOpolis,” a town where all of Team Ten and the STEM Squad live, in homes customized to match each number’s personality. During the session, the booth was constantly full of a steady stream of curious conference attendees. One teacher commented, “Your booth was my fav. Love meeting people as passionate (or more) about numbers as me” (LD)! Dr. Klemm and NumbersAlive! were excited for the opportunity to spread the idea to educators nationwide that math can be fun, engaging, explorative, and integrated with any other subject imaginable.

NumbersAlive! Recently Named One of the Top 100 Social Media Influencers in the K12 Market

On June 2, 2017, EdWeek Market Brief reported that NumbersAlive! was among the 100 top social media influencers of the US K12 market, due to the content of our tweets, the number of our Twitter followers, and our Klout score.

This is exciting news, as it values the educational contributions of NumbersAlive! right alongside those of much larger education organizations and corporations. Bigger is not necessarily better.


How the ranking was determined

Realizing that educators, leaders, and technologists are increasingly turning to Twitter for social and professional reasons, EdWeek Market Brief partnered with the Education Week Research Center to identify companies to evaluate and rank based on social media influence. The influence was calculated using two metrics: number of Twitter followers and scores from Klout.

Klout is “a social media-monitoring service that uses an algorithm to track accumulated influence across networks and assign a numerical value between 1 and 100 to show results over a 90-day period.” The top six organizations had Klout scores of 80-86; at 93 of 100, NumbersAlive!’s score was 44.


Read more at: https://marketbrief.edweek.org/market-trends/exclusive-analysis-top-100-social-media-influencers-in-the-k-12-market/

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