Hello Numbers Discovery Pack

$62 entire pack, or purchase components separately


HELLO NUMBERS DISCOVERY PACK is a portable multimedia learning product. The tactile manipulative plush numbers become Friends you can count on®. Each plush number includes magnets on both sides of its “head,” allowing the creation of multiple-digit numbers. Embroidered dots on the back link the number shape to its quantity. Read More…


$35 + tax and shipping


Pi (π) is the leader of NumbersAlive!’s new STEM SquadTM of innovative, educational plush figures of advanced math and science concepts. The 3D plush design includes a soft, cuddly body in hip black with a white baker’s hat. Pi’s decimal expansion is printed around the rim in the colors of NumbersAlive!’s plush numbers 0-9. Read More…

NumbersAlive! Books for Young Travelers – Washington, D.C.

$13.95 + tax & shipping


NumbersAlive!’s Washington, DC book features Team Ten (numbers 0 to 9) exploring the USA capital city. Each number showcases a favorite location linked to its numerical personality, and Team Ten also visits 9 other sites. Additional highlights include a map, fun facts about each location, and a parents/teachers’ guide. The book’s visual vocabulary focuses on number applications in everyday life (city sites, sports, history, etc.) and encourages children to discover the joy of numbers.

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