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Product Description

Number Linx is currently backordered. Call 202-652-1820 to reserve your puzzle from the new production run, arriving before the end of November.

Download the instructions for Number Linx here.

Like a lynx, children 3+ learn to link numerical secrets of shapes and pictures in a manipulative puzzle game. The decagon base, with cut-outs for each number 0 to 9, houses physical representations of numbers at progressive levels of difficulty. Children develop spatial and sensory skills when using the Number Linx puzzle pieces to trace shapes and numbers. Removable insert pictures show links between numbers, language, art, music, science, etc. and can be used as a vocabulary development tool or a memory game. Purchase the base and each individual level of pieces desired.

Number Linx’s unique numerical linkage play is patent protected. You won’t find another puzzle like it, with every element linked to numbers and their meaning!

Number Linx is laser cut right here in the USA!

Additional Information

Weight 2 lbs

70 memory/matching cards, K-2 Puzzle Pack, Level 1 pieces, Level 2 pieces, Level 3 pieces, Preschool Puzzle Pack, Wood base for levels 1, 2 and 3