Review by Saving with a Purpose

December 15, 3013: Saving for a Purpose published a glowing review of our World Numbers Poster, complete with a video! Read the full text below, or click here for the original post.

If you are looking for some fun and educational items for your home or for a special teacher check out NumbersAlive!  I received a few items to check out and tell you about, this is the NumbersAlive! World Numbers Poster

I really like that the poster is very colorful and eye catching, certainly an aide that will be fun to look at and study.  This is also a great multicultural learning tool.  You see the NumbersAlive! Team Ten at the top and then below you will find different languages and the corresponding word for the number spelled out.  You will also find the numbers 0-9 in American Sign Language and in Braille, I really like that this poster also becomes a tactile learning tool then because the Braille is raised not just colored in.

This is a great poster for any age, I can see this in a pre-school classroom as well as in high school.

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