NumbersAlive! a Finalist in SXSW V2Venture Pitch Competition

June 9, 2014- NumbersAlive! was named one of only 5 finalists in the SXSW V2Venture Pitch Competition, Education category. The 25 finalists represent the top start-up technology companies from around the world in five categories, and will go head-to-head at the pitch competition on July 16.

Read more details in the announcement by SXSW:

Our elite group of judges and advisory board members reviewed and culled through almost 200 companies over the last three months finding the top contenders to compete in the 2014 V2Venture pitch competition. This high-action, no-holds barred pitch off takes place at SXSW V2V Wednesday July 16 in Belmont 4.

The companies below represent the cream of the crop across five distinct categories of emerging technology: Education Technologies, Health and Wearable Technologies, Mobile and Tablet Technologies, Culture and Entertainment Technologies and Innovative World Technologies.

Congratulations to all of the finalists!

How does NumbersAlive! fit into the education technology field? NumbersAlive! presents numbers as fun & friendly characters who uncover numeric patterns embedded everywhere. The playful numbers captivate children as they come alive through interdisciplinary storytelling. Through multi-media, interactive storytelling in both analog and digital, our products will inspire students to understand numbers and their application in real world math and science situations.