The Numbers Lady Blog!

Welcome to The Numbers Lady Blog!

In the blog, I will discuss number links — numeric representations in art, architecture, nature, music, culture, language, and more – as well as education and STEM topics.

As you may know from my bio, my background is in statistics and education. I have always focused on storytelling and connecting with people who are not math specialists. Working with younger children (pre-K and elementary) was a natural link: how better to get people passionate about math from a young age than to make numbers fun and friendly?

In fact, this whole adventure started with my show Cookin’ Up Numbers at the Capital Fringe Festival. After the show, parents came to me and asked how to keep their kids from hating math. I took on the challenge and have been at it ever since!

My most recent adventure as The Numbers Lady was speaking at Math Night at West Elementary School in Northwest Washington, DC, which was attended by at least 100 students and parents. I told number stories about numbers 0-9’s favorite places in Washington, DC, picking up from sections of the book on Washington, DC. As usual children wanted to wear 1’s white wig matching 1 in the book at the Washington monument. Parents, in particular, enjoy learning that 4’s favorite place is the US Capitol. Can you guess why? It is one of the reasons why visitors to our city often get lost.